We understand that searching for a job can be stressful and we hope that this page can assist you in that endeavor. Our mission is to select highly motivated and competent individuals and provide them with opportunities to develop to their full potential within our organization.

Manara Academy posts and accepts job applications through the Teacher Job Network. After viewing the open positions above, you must create an account with the Teacher Job Network and login to officially apply for the position. To login or create an account, simply click the Login at the top of the page of the position in which you are interested. 

1. You must create or login to the 
Teacher Job Network and a complete an application. You can search for position openings
within Manara or you can select a
position opening from the above categories. 
2. On the Manara Academy website, select the category for the positions above for
which you would like to apply. 

3. Click Login above 
Because you already created an 
application in step 1, you will be able to
apply for the specific position.

Applications remain active for ONE YEAR, then inactive from one year from the date of application, unless you update or submit changes. You will be able to update your account using a password-protected login process. You can access your application at www.teacherjobnet.org. You will use your same User ID and Password. If you do not update your application within two years, your application and credentials will be archived.

As a professional courtesy, informing us of your acceptance of a position elsewhere would be appreciated. We wish you success in your job search and appreciate your interest in being part of the Manara family.